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Systems Approach

We are more than a chiller manufacturer. Our beginnings in the process industry evolved into depth with our modular, medical and packaged solutions to hundreds of tons per module.

Being our own integrated manufacturer with such diversity, we can provide design, manufacturing and implementation of many process or HVAC cooling or heat recovery requirements.

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In process cooling, no two solutions are alike. We begin by listening and learning about your current and future desires and the nuances of your process. Only then can we detail a plan that encompasses equipment, infrastructure, control systems and service.

Integrating the knowledge and practical experience from experts in refrigeration, mechanical design and build, and active system users provides customers with significant benefits. It provides a greater depth of expertise supporting high production applications, and a single source responsibility for initial system designs, expansion efforts, and a proper blend of equipment, controls and piping infrastructure.


Arctic Group offers pre-plumbed, pre-wired and run tested thermal systems designed by experts using state of the art CAD and pipe layout software to assure that your expectations for consistent performance and expandability are fully met. We use industry standard components available anywhere in the world.

Systems can include both tower water service for oil cooling and refrigerated water for lower temperature needs. Systems in certain climates can benefit from our extensive experience with FREE COOLING, which enables customers to shut down the chillers during some of the year, and let a properly sized cooling tower, plate & frame heat exchanger and pumping system do the job.

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