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While we enjoy a wide variety of Standard designs, customer requirements often call for something special. Our diverse capabilities can fulfil about any request.

Machine cooling, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, high power equipment cooling, medical systems, laborator test systems, even power transmisssion line cooling systems.

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For more than 25 years we have been designing and building chillers, pumping systems, heat recovery systems and control systems. We serve many industries.






Drinking Water Systems
High-purity drinking water system in the US Pentagon. Features filtration, UV, double-wall heat exchanger, stainless tank and stainless steel enclosure.

Critical Duty Chillers
Server rooms, medical devices like MRI, CT and Cancer Treatment linear accelerators, critical laboratory systems that require precise and reliable cooling within a few degrees and at constant pressure. Redundancy and automatic failover in operation and controls. Shown below is a high power transmission line cooling system that assures the Seattle city core recieves adaquate power saves the utility by cooling thermal fluids flowing along with underground power lines.

Industrial Processes
Process chillers are used to cool manufacturing processes, machinery, reaction vessels, process fluids and gases. Shown is a 400 ton process chiller with screw compressors and cleanable heat exchangers.

High Precision Chiller Systems
The US Navy selected us to manufacture highly precise cooling equipment for test stands.

Heat Transfer and Pumping Systems
Special designed heat transfer and pumping systems are often specified to deliver precise flows, temperatures and pressures to diverse customer requirements.
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