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Integrated Packaging makes sense in many Commercial and Process applications. Compelling benefits include engineered temperatures, flows and pressures, compact size, integrated and optimized energy performance, expandability, containerization and modularity. Self contained or split systems to thousands of tone are available.
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Packaged solutions can include chillers, pumps, drives, heat exchangers, generators and heat recovery systems.

Modularity - Arctic Group manufactures air and water cooled modules with many options including free-cooling, heat recovery, simultaneous heating and cooling, integrated pumping systems, de-aration, glycol feed and filtration systems. Modules can be built for Commercial or Process duties and have scroll, screw or oil-free Turbocor compressors.

Containerization - Entire processes are often containerized. Examples are containerized data-centers with server space, power generation, cooling infrastructure and enclosure as a self-contained movable and stackable server farm.

Integrated Modular Packaged Systems from 150 to 2,000 tons feauring oil-free chillers and high-efficiency compressors by Danfoss Turbocor.

Ultra-Efficient Modularity
Modularity of ultra-efficient ArcticCool chillers is a key ingredient in obtaining energy efficiency from integrated systems. This is especially true for variable primary flow methods because entire parallel modules can be staged off including water fllows, thereby providing correct fluid velocities at varying demand points.

New integrated designs feature evaporative condensing, direct DX oil-free VRF, liquid subcooling to increase AHU efficiency.

Fully integrated and packaged systems like the one shown at a US Government research laboratory can include outdoor components with compressors, condensers and fans, and indoor components like pumping, system filtration, critical controls and heat exchangers.

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