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Modular Chillers

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ArctiChill is one of the pioneers in modular cooling equipment and now the commercial and process market leader with many superior nuances in operational costs, field assembly and on-line serviceability that are innovations our customers have demanded.

Widest Product Range, Lowest Total Cost
Our range of options extends to more than 200 tons per module, oil-free Danfoss Turbocor compressors, as well as standard and digital scrolls. We can provide brazed plate or shell and tube heat exchangers. Evaporators can be direct expansion DX or highly efficient flooded designs. Advanced designs include data-center systems with pumps and instant failover controls.
Modular and packaged systems are available featuring Danfoss-Turbocor compressors

Air and water cooled modules are AHRI Certified

Data-centers appreciate modularity for its built in expandability and its resiliancy and portability to new sites as required. Systems with combined cooling and power, heat and energy recovery, pumping and PLC controls. Exhaust fan silencers and low noise fans can be added as shown to significantly reduce system noise.

Why Arctic Group Modular Chillers are Compelling

Rapid HVAC Replacements and Ability to Add as Needed

Scroll, Screw or Turbocor compressors

Brazed Plate and Shell and Tube Designs

Redundancy for 100% Uptime

Ease of Assembly, Rigging and Re-Deployment

Clean While Running - Compare

Freecooling and Heat Recovery

Heat and Cool Simultaneously

Expandable and Servicable, No Bus Bars

User-friendly designs enable cleaning while the rest of the system runs!

First, our modules arrive pre-assembled and ready to install - not shipped in pieces that must be field assembled. Installation time and cost is far better with the Arctic Group designs. Strainers that are quickly accessible and dedicated electrical and controls make service an easy matter.

Modular Flooded Designs Deliver Highest Energy Efficiency

Highest energy efficiency modular design
Expandable flooded parallel systems are designed for pairs of mirror image modules. Controls and line reactors are moved to the rear. Motorized valves can operate with module staging to avoid mixing and enable the widest variable primary pumping range. Superior energy performance per square foot than any alternative approach.

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