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For more than 20 years the Arctic Chiller Group has been providing innovation around the world with cooling system products and systems for HVAC and process customers.

Our innovations include the most diverse line of chillers and modular systems in the business. From our ultra-efficient line of air and water cooled Turbocor chillers to heat pumps, heat recovery, CCP, CHP, simultaneous heating and cooling.

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The Arctic Group is all about Innovation, not just in our Solutions and Products, but how we do business. Absolute integrity in our ratings and a keen sense of support and customer focus provide compelling loyalty from our customers.


High-purity drinking water system with stainless tank, filters, UV and other water treatments. Installed in Pentagon.

Four circuit air cooled condensing unit.

Diversity, Innovations and Technology embedded into our products extend from a few tons to thousands, multiple compressor types, ultra-efficiency with free-cooling, pumping, redundancy, heating and cooling.

25 ton dual circuit chiller with automatic free-cooling.

160 ton oil-free variable-speed centrifugal with magnetic bearing compressors.

The most effective and ultra-efficient air cooled chiller made. Independent circuits, generous condensers, receivers and genuine Danfoss controllers.

ORC Energy Recovery Innovations

The Arctic Group is embarking on next generation products and services that are designed to leverage existing and developing technologies as they compliment our cooling system and energy portfolio.

Organic Rankin Cycle and Turbocor
New product combinations including magnetic bearing high-speed centrifugal generators working as Organic Rankin Cycle systems with recuperators, and evaporators and condensers essentially operating in reverse, and whose output power can operate many things, including ArcticCool Danfoss Turbocor chillers. Future developments such as DC bus connectivity between fuel-cells and ORC and ArcticPak onsite Combined Cooling, Heating, Power plants, CCHP may revolutionize how we deliver and consume thermal effect as a decentralized modular utility.

Online Business Models Create New Value
We have web and service technologies that can monitor, optimize, and continuously commission remote packages of Arctic Group equipment and automatically alert the local service agents to log into the system and deliver fast intelligent response. The system, which includes "ChillerNET" and "Thermal-Effect" billing is being expanded in power and utility, including demand-response, and will incorporate the more complex packages to enable entirely new business models between Arctic Group, owner-customers, our network of service support contractors and sales engineering representatives.

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