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Magnetic Bearings and Drives
Many of our leaders were involved in engineering, manufacturing, market development and chiller innovations around the Turbocor compressor and its applications from its US/Canadian startup.
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Hospitality Industry - Chiller replacement resulted in large energy savings, utility rebate, reduced maintenance.

Condominium Development - Created higher owner value, reduced utility costs, replaced old costly lubricated chillers with modern, quiet efficient chillers.

Energy Upgrade - Chiller relacement for office buildings. A college town passion resulted in orange paint being selected.

Commercial Office Building - Old equipment replacement and need for low profile. Project resulted in ultra-high capacity /efficiency methods being enployed.

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AHRI Certified Water Cooled Chillers
60-1,400 tons

Flooded design with TWO Degree Approach heat exchangers result in best in class energy performance. Advances such as interstage cooling, liquid subcooling, evaporative condensing with or without adiabatic assist, direct DX systems and parallel modular compact designs are a few of the reasons Arctic is sought.

World's Largest Turbocor Chiller !

ArcticCool has shipped the highest capacity, ultra-efficient chiller ever built. the 1,400 ton model is designed for a data-center as part of a Combined Cooling and Power project.

Parallel flooded system deliver highest efficiency of any modular design.

Model shown has rear facing controls and close coupling yet access for complete unit component service.

At The Arctic Chiller Group, providing affiordable energy efficient green products and systems is our passion and a cornerstone of our strategy.

Energy Upgrades with Factory Partners

The Arctic Chiller Group has partnered with Chller Replacement Energy and Service Contractors throughout North America.


AHRI Certified Air Cooled Chillers
60-420 tons

All Artic Group chillers with Turbocor compressors utilize the genuine Danfoss MCX Adaptive Logic Controller - the only controller developed, manufacturerd and officially endorsed by Danfoss. They were designed and released in 2010 to properly operate and stage Turbocor compressors and stay within their operating envelope in an advanced technology low cost adaptive-logic controller. It is designed as a leap ahead in Turbocor technologies. With our ArcticView software and HMI interface, we deliver the perfect balance of operation and energy efficiency at the edge of the compressors envelope while avoiding any condition that could cause Surge or Choke to occur.

Danfoss Compressors and Controls
The potent combination of Danfoss Turbocor compressors, Danfoss Adaptive Controls and the industries best heat transfer approach temps assure ArcticCool customer receive highest long term value.

Best Air Cooled Chillers Made

Air cooled models are designed to deliver the highest reliability to the use of centrifugal compession by eliminating the isssue of refrigerant migration and resulting pressure ratio changes. Our engineers pioneered the first North American air cooled chillers using Turbocor compressors, and realized that the quantity of compressors in single circuits greatly increases this phenomenon, and restricts the realistic variability of ambient temperatures where the technology should be applied. So at the slight expense of part load performance, we feature single compressor circuits, up to four, and thereby can deliver four-hundred tons of highly reliable air cooled Turbocor performance. Customers welcome the superior engineering and long term team backed by a diverse HVAC and refrigeration engineering company.

NEW 10,000 Hour Salt Spray - Arctic is now Certified to apply extreme-duty coatings on air cooled chillers coils.

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