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The rate at which energy is escalating compels us to innovate and produce paradigm shift reductions in energy waste. The Arctic Chiller Group is committed to providing the worlds most energy efficient thermal effect products, modules and complete systems.

We have developed important strategic partnerships with technology providers, users, energy contractors and government to facilitate great and sustainable change.

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Our divesity in manufacturing cooling systems from small to large with chillers, pumps, heat exchangers, valves, drives and controls has become a strength in delivering energy upgrades for customers seeking simple chiller replacements to engineered turn-key systems.

Our strategic agreement with Danfoss Turbocor as an early adopter for oil-free magnetic bearing compressors enables Arctic Chiller Group to deliver leading edge value and efficiency to end customers, energy and services contractors and to the planet.

Genuine Danfoss Controls
With the objective to deliver outstanding performance the Danfoss MCX Controller was developed to manage the operation of multiple Turbocor compressors and control demand per compressor to avoid Surge and Choke operation. The controller has built in failsafe operation that will guarantee cooling to the building in case of any component failure.

The leading oil-free variable-speed air cooled chillers with Danfoss Turbocor compressor technology.

Air cooled models deliver efficiencies that can provide a significant savings and attractive payback over traditional chillers. The oil-free design keeps the performance sustainable and slashes maintenance costs. ArcticCool air cooled chillers are also quiet. Water cooled models have sound levels less than 70 dBA. Air cooled chillers are ultra-quiet and can mitigate noise complaints and meet local noise ordinances.


Energy Upgrades from The Arctic Group and your Local Factory Authorized Chilller Replacement Contractor

Now it is easy to go green. Arctic Chiller Group has formed strategic alliances throughout North America with the largest energy users with old technology, education, health care organizations and the most qualified Energy and Service Contractors in order to faclitate simple chiller replacements. The Chiller Replacement Initiative makes energy upgrade more affordable and strategically, commercially and technically supported from the manufacturer and the local partner.

The initiative includes special pricing, factory startup, parts and labor warranty. It underscores our passion to make a difference and improve the energy efficiency for thousands of people every day.

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