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"With manufacturing in Toronto and South Carolina, Arctic Chiller Group provides highly energy efficient products and complete cooling systems based on these remarkable technologies."

Energy Efficiency begins with people and applied core technology

Air cooled, water cooled, evaporative condensed, flooded and DX, built on Danfoss Turbocor compressors and Danfoss based Arctic Intelligence controls. Options include multiple circuiting, inter-stage and condenser sub-cooling.

Danfoss Turbocor Chillers
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Investments in Technology and People yield advantages.

Our investment in technology by becoming one of the select Danfoss Turbocor compressor equipment manunufacturers provides us with direct technology and application support from the highest levels. Our key people have deep and more meaningful knowledge regarding Turbocor chiller engineering, and the superior national sales and support relationships to assure that new facilities and energy upgrade projects deliver the outstanding ROI that oil-free variable speed everything can provide.

Water Cooled Turbocor Chiller Modules
Water cooled modular chiller system featuring five 80 ton oil-free systems with Danfoss Turbocor compressors.

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Water cooled models from 60 to 1,500 tons, and air cooled models from 60 to 400 tons deliver outstanding sustainable energy efficiency and low costs for facility owners. Options include Low Profile, Condenserless, Evaporative condensed and subcooled models. As one of the original Danfoss Turbocor OEMs in North America, we have experience applying the technology in very diverse applications, including process and critical duty requirements. Download  Product Bulletin
The Most Reliable Air Cooled Turbocor Chillers
Air cooled models are designed to deliver the highest reliability to the use of centrifugal compression by eliminating the isssue of refrigerant migration and resulting pressure ratio changes. Our engineers pioneered some of the first North American air cooled chillers using Turbocor compressors, and realized that the quantity of compressors in single circuits increases this phenomenon, and restricts the realistic variability of ambient temperatures where the technology should be applied. Therefore we feature single compressor circuits, up to four, and thereby can deliver over four-hundred tons of highly reliable and redundant air cooled Turbocor performance without the refrigerant management issues of other designs. Customers welcome the superior engineering and long term team backed by a diverse HVAC and refrigeration engineering company.


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