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Critical Duty Chillers and Systems

Since our beginning customers have sought our products due to diverse capabilities, higher quality and attention to detail, our experience with full redundancy including controls, and our high efficiency. Our critical duty projects include high-profile data-centers, medical facilities, live animal facilities, and numerous secure government facilities worldwide.

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We Were Cool Long Before it was a Trend.
ArctiChill is well known among equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers and doctors for providing perhaps the highest quality, highest value chillers designed for the specifics of medical imaging. Features such as microprocessor controls, special high-pressure pumps, heat exchange systems for DI processes, redundency in components or controls, attractive, durable enclosures and automatic city-water switchover systems are common requests. And now ChillerNET promises to revolutionize how "mission-critical" chillers are built and deployed.

Internal redundant pumping system for critical duty
high security governmental building.

Critical Duty chilled water and pumping systems from one ton to thousands of tons of cooling for Data-Centers, Medical, Process and Secure Facilities. Free-Cooling and High-Efficiency options.

Prepackaged critical-duty chillers with premium components, pressurized water circuits, internal tanks and pumps, PLC controls and many options.

Complete line of redundant and specialty chillers including automated control system failover. Shown is two ton fullly redundant model.

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