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ArctiChill manufactures modular, process, medical and specialty chillers, high-purity water systems, with pumping systems, free-cooling and heat recovery options. ArctiChill is not like many other chiller manufacturing companies. We did not just evolve into the market position we enjoy today. It takes years of matching the need of customers within select markets to the precision equipment we excel at manufacturing.

These complementary forces gravitate us towards the niche market segments that we now lead.

Contact ArctiChill

71 Industrial Park Road
Newberry, SC 29108
Phone: (803) 321-1891
Fax: (803) 321-1898

Toll-Free - 800-849-7778

Manhattan Modular Chillers - Air and water cooled designs with scroll or Turbocor compressors from our Canadian or USA factories. Optional pumping, free-cooling, heat recovery, full redundancy. Perfect for data-centers and energy upgrades.

Heat Recovery Chillers

Heat recovery can take many forms. From our water-side systems, six pipe systems, geothermal systems and more. Arctric has experience with many approaches and compressor types to meet heat recovery requirements.

Commercial Modular HVAC - Widest product range in the business. Commercial and Process models.

Medical Imaging - MRI, CAT, Linear Accelerators and other precision medical equipment demanding precise and reliable cooling.

Government and Military - Specialized mobile and stationary equipment. Duties include cooling critical test stands, cooling of RF generating equipment. MilSpec applications, embassies around the world, and higher duty cycle military designs.

Industrial Process - Systems from one to thousands of tons. Low temp, explosion-proof, special materials, there are few limits with Arctic Group.

Labs and Clean Rooms - Semi-conductor, test benches, chemical processing, cooling bath, aparatus cooling, vapor condensing in research laboratories.

Drinking Water Systems - Packages can include refrigeration, or double-wall heat transfer from existing chilled water source, UV treatment, particulate filters, lead and chemical treatment, phosphate feeders, and carbon filters for greatly improved security and taste.

Specialty Chillers & Systems - high-quality packaged chiller systems, high-purity drinking water systems, cold-plunges, solvent recovery chillers, ultra-efficiency systems, electronics cooling, packaged chilled water plants and much more. The Arctic Chiller Group has the neccessary resources and experience to meet any chilled water system needs - large or small.

AHRI Certification and Test Stand - In 2011 ArcticCool Turbocor and ArctiChill scroll water cooled chillers earned the AHRI Certification. This important strategic step corresponds with the release of our on-line selection software and comprehensive product configuration tools. Air cooled chillers and screw compressor chillers are undergoing AHRI Certification now.


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