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Sham Ahmed Joins Arctic

Toronto, ON, Newberry, SC, July 2017

Sham AhmedWe are pleased to announce that Sham Ahmed has joined the Arctic Chiller Group in the role of Vice President, Business Development and as a member of the companies Advisory Board. Sham brings with him 40 years of executive level experience in the HVAC industry and is well known as the founder of McQuay Canada, Ventrol Air Handling, and TMI Climate Solutions. He is an expert in lean manufacturing and quality systems and has helped many top tier companies achieve excellence while rapidly growing as Arctic is today. “He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, including custom airside equipment, dehumidification equipment, and representative relations.” said Angelo Troiano, President and CEO. Sham resides in Montreal and can be reached at (514)821-8639 or

Welcome Sham!

Peter Fung Joins Arctic

Toronto, ON, Newberry, SC, June 2017

Peter FungWe are pleased to announce that Peter Fung has joined the Arctic Chiller Group in the role of East Regional Sales Manager. Peter’s main duties will be sales growth, product promotion and education to the field sales offices, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, owners and architects in his region. He brings over 30 years of experience in chillers, custom airside equipment, and system solutions to the table for Arctic. He is also a certified Practicing Institute of Engineering presenter in the state of New York.

Prior to joining the Arctic Chiller Group team, Peter served as a Sales Engineer for Carrier International, East Regional Sales Manager for CES Group (now Nortek Air Solutions), and most recently East Regional Sales Manager for ClimateCraft custom airside equipment.

“We are very excited about Peter joining our growing sales team” said Angelo Troiano, President & CEO

Peter resides in the Philadelphia area and can be reached at 215-353-3499 or

Welcome Peter!

Changiz Tolouee Announcement

Toronto, ON, Newberry, SC, January 2017

Changiz ToloueeWe are pleased to announce that Changiz Tolouee, PhD, has joined Arctic Chiller Group as the Vice President of Engineering according to President and CEO Angelo Troiano. With over 25 years of equipment design experience in the HVAC&R industry, Changiz will help drive new products to take Arctic to the next level of cutting edge design said Troiano. Changiz also played an important role in the commercialization process of the Turbocor compressor and helped deliver the product from the R&D stage to commercial stage during his many years with Turbocor. Welcome Changiz!

Viva Las Vegas!

AHRI Expo 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 2017

Come see us in the North Hall at our booth (N7717)!


Toronto, ON, Newberry, SC, January 2016 – Joe Buffalin Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Joe Buffalin has joined Arctic as the Southwest Regional Sales Manager according to President & CEO Angelo Troiano. Joe comes to us with a wealth of experience adding up to over 30 years in the Industry. Joe’s extensive system experience and background lends itself to all facets of the HVAC system. “Joe’s expertise and relationships within the industry will greatly help us expand in the western territories at this time of growth within the company,” said Troiano. Join us in welcoming Joe to the Arctic Team!

Arctic Air-Cooled Chiller makes a big impression on AHRI during recent certification testing!

September 2015 Toronto, ON

Patrick Legaré, Vice President and Director of Engineering of ArcticCool Chillers Limited, a division of The Arctic Chiller Group, announced today, that the Company recently completed extremely successful testing of one of the largest air-cooled chillers built utilizing TurboCor magnetic bearing technology. “Although we build air cooled chillers up to 450 tons, this unit, at 300 tons, is the largest air cooled chiller we have tested under the AHRI certification program. We are extremely pleased to announce that this air cooled chiller was verified by AHRI to run at 0.925KW/Ton at full load” said Mr. Legaré.

Mark Rogan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Arctic, weighed in on the accomplishment saying that the typical full load range of a traditional air cooled chiller utilizing screw or scroll compressor technology, is in the 1.20 to 1.25 KW/Ton range. The approximately 25% improvement provided by the ArcticCool Chiller represents a substantial level of energy preservation and will undoubtedly be viewed as a “Game Changer” in the industry.

Mr. Legaré, who is pictured above monitoring the testing, went on to advise that the part load efficiencies, also verified in the testing, were staggering, with the whole system beginning to approach the efficiencies of a water-cooled chiller plant. “These efficiencies, the value of excluding condenser side equipment and water system maintenance coupled with the extremely low sound levels experienced with the magnetic bearing technology have become the fundamental reasons these magnetic bearing compressor air-cooled chillers are gaining in popularity.”

ArctiChill Air-Cooled Modulars are AHRI Certified

September 2015 Newberry, SC

Also in September, Barry Werts, Vice President of the ArctiChill division, was proud to announce its full line of air-cooled modular chillers have entered into the AHRI certification program.


Let the Celebration begin!

Angelo Troiano, President of Arctic Chiller Group and the entire staff of the company today celebrated the announcement that ArctiChill will move to a much larger engineering and manufacturing facility in coming months. The move is strategically motivated to meet strong customer demand for its products worldwide. According to Barry Werts, Vice President of ArctiChill, " We have enjoyed manufacturing several very large modular chiller systems that took a great deal of available space to manufacture. With the continued market demand for ArctiChill products, combined with an increasing product scope including larger air and water cooled equipment and systems we needed to more than double the manufacturing space, provide greater utility power, larger overhead cranes, better truck handling capabilities and more material storage. We at ArctiChill are thrilled that we can now move into a factory that will sustain our growth and allow easier factory expansion in the future" Angelo Troiano added "We are honored to have the world's finest chiller manufacturing staff working at ArctiChill. We have long-term highly skilled employees and moving so close to our old factory is ideal for everyone including customers who value our consistent manufacturing quality"

The plan is to have the move completed during the Spring of 2015. Come celebrate with us at ASHRAE.

For more information contact Barry Werts at ArctiChill.


Angelo Troiano, CEO of Arctic Chiller Group and Ron Sweet, President of DMG Corporation have announced that the two companies have completed the agreements for DMG to represent products manufactured by Arctic Chiller Group throughout California and Reno, Nevada. DMG is highly successful in the California market with deep relationships in Engineering, Mechanical and Design Build Contractors, as well as large facility owners, managers and end users. "We are elated that DMG has honored us with their confidence and significant business" California represents the nations largest market opportunity and our partnering with a team with the strength and resources of DMG fits well with our strategies for the market" Angelo Troiano stated after the agreements were executed.


Angelo Troiano, CEO of Arctic Chiller Group and Kirk Overcash, President of PACE today announced that PACE has agreed to become the Arctic Chiller Group Representative for North and South Carolina. According to Mark Rogan, VP of Arctic Chiller Group, "PACE has the kind of equipment experience, complementary products and outstanding relationships throughout the two states. We look forward to developing this very strong market with a great team of dedicated professional representatives" Our customers throughout the Carolinas will appreciate the knowledge, dedication, depoth of resources and integrity of PACE".


Angelo Troiano, CEO of Arctic Chiller Group and Maurizio Burba, Managing Director of Hitema SRL in Padua Italy today announced a strategic alliance for joint manufacturing and distribution. According to Mr. Troiano, the two companies enjoy synergies with opportunities for joint products in the European markets.  ArcticCool high efficiency oil free chiller products will be manufactured in the Hitema factory and be distributed throughout their European sales network. The products, technologies and markets are entirely comlementary. We look forward to great success in this joint endeavor"

Arctic Chiller Group is the leading of water and air cooled chillers and controls using using a variety of technologies for HVAC, medical, process and specialty applications with products from 60 to 1600 tons. Arctic Cool Chillers Limited, the oil free magnetic bearing division of Arctic, is the leading manufacturer of oil free chillers featuring the Danfoss Turbocor compressor.

Hitema SRL is a world leading manufacturer of chillers featuring technological solutions for industrial refrigeration, close control units and HVAC design for data centers and switch rooms. . Through its extensive industry experience Hitema, is positioned to successfully support the full range of both air cooled and water cooled Turbocor chillers produced by Arctic to their global network of distributors.

Contact Angelo Troiano in Toronto or Maurizio Burba in Italy for future details.


August 2014

ArcticCool will be at the World Energy Engineers Congress, WEEC - October 1-3, Washington Convention Center / Hall A, Washington, DC.

Visit is in Booth 823

The WEEC expos consistently provide participants the ability to explore technologies and companies in the following fields:

  • Energy efficiency and energy management
  • Renewable, green and alternative energy
  • Combined heat & power / cogeneration / distributed generation
  • Smart grid and electric metering innovations
  • Integrated building automation & energy management
  • Lighting efficiency
  • HVAC systems and controls
  • Thermal storage and load management
  • Boilers and combustion controls
  • Geoexchange technologies
  • Solar and fuel cell technologies
  • Applications specific to federal energy management programs
  • Energy services, energy procurement and project financing


August 1, 2014

Presented recently to Angelo Troiano by Ricardo Schneider, President of Danfoss Turbocor. "We are pleased and honored by this OEM Award. It recognizes years of work by our team of professionals and demonstrates our engineering succes, our committment to excellence and customer value with this leading edge compressor technology". Arctic continues its growth by providing outstanding products that really work. Our customers trust us and our significant growth with Danfoss Turbocor is evident of the superior value we provide.


July 2014

ArcticCool has announced it has manufactured two additional 1,400 ton chillers completing the next expansion phase at a large data center in San Diego. The entire
Co-Gen system consists of turbines that generate prime power for the data center and high quality exhaust gas that is passed through a unique dual-chamber recovery and diverter valve that feeds an absorbtion chiller sized to maximize the turbine and serve the base chilled water load for the data center. ArcticCool Turbocor chillers provide critical chilled water backup and production along with the base load absorber and due to its remarkable turn down capabilities, can match loads easily and safely without changing the absorber capacity which is key to system reliability. The entire system effectively removed the company from dependence on the utility grid and incorporates energy recovery techniques and advanced chiller technologies to acheive its remarkable results.


July 28, 2014

Five 400-ton air cooled chillers now cool the sports fans in Boston. The 2,000 ton system features five chillers equipoed with four circuits each and Danfoss Turbocor Oil-Free compressors.

The all variable-speed fans are equipped with new difussers that reduce fan noise by an astounding 7.2dB and provides better fan energy efficiency by stratifying the air stream.

"Enjoying the best in energy efficient designs and ultra-low noise levels meets with the objectives of low and sustainable operational cost for the stadium owners, and reliable and whisper-quiet operation for our patrons and fans"


April 2, 2014

The Arctic Chiller Group, a world leader in commercial and industrial chillers and cooling systems announced that it has completed an investment with Fulcrum Capital Partners that enables the resources for the continued rapid growth of the company.

According to Angelo Troiano, President of Arctic Chiller Group, “the Arctic companies have experienced unprecedented growth. Our ArctiChill modular and ArcticCool Turbocor magnetic bearing chillers have achieved new levels of market share. Over recent years, we have and continue to invest in infrastructure and processes, such as our new state of the art test labs in two factories, expanded engineering resources and a significant increase in plant floor manufacturing space for the forecasted demand. Our market has demonstrated that it wants our products and we are responding. Our resources with Fulcrum Capital Partners position us to navigate the exciting growth for years to come. This continued market momentum and technology leadership with innovative and compelling products, demonstrates the things we differentiate in our market.”

From the Fulcrum Capital Partners Press Release

“Founded in 1989, Arctic Chiller Group is a manufacturer of modular and high efficiency chillers that are utilized in commercial and industrial cooling applications throughout North America. The benefits of Arctic’s modular and high efficiency chillers include redundancy, energy efficiency, installation accessibility and low total cost of ownership. The Company primarily serves the North American non-residential retrofit market with end consumers across several industries including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and professional sports franchises.

The investment was funded by Fulcrum Capital’s Private Equity Fund IV and marks the tenth investment in that fund. Fulcrum Capital Partners manages over $500 million through two private equity funds and a portfolio of mezzanine investments.”
Inquiries regarding this Press Release may be addressed to:

Angelo Troiano
Arctic Chiller Group
(800) 339-8982


Arctic Chiller Group has announced that John McIsaac has joined the company in the position of Sales Manager for Canada. John comes to Arctic with years of success with a national energy company with close to $70 million in Canadian sales and over 500 air and water cooled Magnetic bearing technology chillers sold and installed under his direction. John understands the oil-free technology and its correct application like few others and brings a wealth of market knowledge. John provides an immediate resource and strength to Arctic's operations and sales efforts. Arctic Chiller Group has undergone rapid growth in market share and customer awareness over recent years and continues to invest in technology and top industry leaders that produce products that work, outstanding customer support, and business relationships that keeps customers coming back. The addition of John McIsaac demonstrates this continuing commitment and core strategy. Join Arctic Chiller Group in welcoming John to our growing family of true professionals.


Arctic Chiller Group has announced the installation of chiller performance testing systems in its Toronto and South Carolinas factories. The systems are designed to provide certified performance measurements for water and air cooled chillers. The systems provide NIST accurate measurements at every key points in the refrigerant and water circuits to assure highly accurate information for AHRI Certified Performance purposes and critical research and development knowledge for our internal engineering and support for our continuous product innovation efforts. With its powerful online capabilities, customers will be able to attend "virtual witness tests" by viewing the live streams from the test system interface dashboards. To measure static ambient temperature performance of air cooled chillers a large boiler and a bank of heat exchangers were installed to provide a heat load for the system. Detailed reporting is currently being developed to provide customers with accurate and complete performance information about our products and their specific chillers.


ArcticCool provides ultra-efficient and reliable AIR cooled chiller for HOT South Texas. ArcticCool engineered an air-cooled Turbocor centrifugal-compressor oil-free variable speed everything chiller to perform reliable in the hot southern Texas ambient range. Now through its first summer, it is delivering solid performance and energy efficiency that the customer is very much enjoying, saying two months after commissioning
"The chiller is drawing in the mid .6's in kW/ton in July in Austin - need I say more?"
Click here for Case Study.

Click Here for air-cooled Turbocor chiller product range brochure.


ArcticCool is pleased to announe that Justin Weightman has joined Arctic Chiller Group to head our Service and Support team for ArcticCool products. Justin has outstanding experience with support for various chiller technologies. Justin comes to Arctic from the largest direct energy contractor in Canada with more than 400 Turbocor chillers installed. He is available for any technical support, start-up and technical training needs. He is also joined by Rozi Rudar to help with service coordination, communication and documentation, chiller product records and technical training class management. To provide ultimate support for customers and to Justin's team, we have implemented an extensive online Sercice Portal that includes a registry of all products made with the components and software revisions, library of relevant documents, service managemt with project details, resolutions, dates, tech notes, root causes, RMA's warranties and more. Justin is available at
the Toronto factory at (905) 789-9989.

Email: | Click Here to Register for a Technical Training Class.


Almost a year in the making, ArcticCool can now provide fully configured chiller documents with Specifications and Submittals in minutes! The new configurator uses drop-down menus and enables users to properly configure with all of the options at the correct sizes for that product based on previous logical selections. It produces a finished configured products with links back to our Item Master for item details and the array of drawings, spec sheets, costs and selling prices, performance and other data associated with each component. The result is a complete configured product that can generate an engineering Specification, a correct selling Price, and a configured Submittal with performance sheets and Unit-Tags for the Schedule, with embedded links to all the data sheets and drawings. The Configurator is currently only available on the ArcticConnect Admin Portal, but will be expanded to the Customer and Representative Portals in a few months.


TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, January, 2013- World's Largest Turbocor Chiller

The Arctic Chiller Group today announed that it has shipped what appears to be the largest capacity chiller featuring the Danfoss Turbocor compressor ever built, by far. The chiller is part of a large Combined Cooling and Power project for a California data-center. The system includes indoor turbine generators that deliver prime electrical power for the facility. The exhaust gas feeds absorbtion chillers that provide primary cooling. The ArcticCool 1,400 tons provide critical cooling redundency and suplements the absorbtion system.

Click here for more information

ArcticCool Announces AHRI Certification for Air Cooled Turbocor Chillers

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, November, 2012 - AHRI Certifications Announcement

The Arctic Chiller Group today announed the completion of AHRI Certifications for its range of Air Cooled Chillers featuring Danfoss Turbocor Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing compressors. According to Patrick Legare, Vice President of the ArcticCool division, the AHRI Certification process is now complete for water cooled chillers from 75 to 1,400 tons and air cooled chillers from 60 to 440 tons. "ArcticCool is now the manufacturer of choice for obtaining North America's widest range and largest sizes of AHRI Certified chillers leveraging the Oil-Free Turbocor technology. Our test results are capacity range are the best ever produced."

ArcticCool is the technology leader for air and water cooled AHRI Certified chillers and systems designed to optimize the magnetic Turbocor compressor. Genuine Danfoss Chiller Controller avoids unsafe operating conditions, dedicated circuits resolves shared circuit issues, 16,000 CFM VFD low noise fans provide optimum all variable-speed performance, dedicated economizers extend the available ambient range, Free-cooling, evaporative condensers and adiabatic assist systems are available.
Arctic maintains this latest generation design leap-frogs others in the market and is currently the ultimate air cooled chiller!

Murray Weightman Joins Arctic Chiller Group as Vice President of Canadian Operations

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, July, 2012 - Murray Weightman Announcement

The Arctic Chiller Group today announed that Murray Weightman has joined the Group as Vice President of Canadian Operations. In announcing the appointment, Angelo Troiano, President of Arctic Chiller Group said "Murray brings a depth of knowledge about our equipment and a wealth of relationships throughout Canada that will provide just what we need at this phase of our global expansion. His knowledge of energy and high efficiency chilling equipment that we manufacture dovetails perfectly with our long term stratrategic objectives." Murray will be based in Toronto at our Brampton offices and have responsibility across all of Canada.

Murray comes from years with a large utility where he and his team pioneered innovative and highly successful business models that combine access to the highest efficiency HVAC chiller systems while deriving contracts for their energy usage in the process. Murray started in the HVAC industry in 1973 working for a Toronto based contractor as a technician where he developed his service background. In 1980 he moved into the centrifugal chiller industry in the roll of Director of Centrifugal Services responsible for sales, service, overhaul and replacement of chillers in the Toronto marketplace. Beginning in 2004 Murray Weightman worked with a large commodity reseller in Toronto and built a national HVAC service business where he introduced the Turbocor technology throughout Canada. He quickly followed up by introducing the first Canadian Chiller line manufactured with magnetic bearings which his support team grew to over 250 chillers strong in Canada.

In July Murray Weightman joined the Arctic Chiller Group as Vice President of Canadian Operations where he intends to continue the development of sales and service in magnetic bearing chillers.

Arctic Group Announces Consolidated Web Sites and Online Technologies

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, December 2011 - New Web Site, Selection Software and Techniologies

The Arctic Chiller Group today announed the release of its new Web presence that for the first time combines the strength of the Group manufacturing entities under a strategic umbrella to take advantage of commercial, infrastructure, technical and financial synergies. Also announced is the release of the AHRI Certified Water Cooled Selection Software. The new public web site at is being complemented with a suite of online commercial processes under username and password security which include Document Access and Control, Quotations, Specification, Product Selection Generation, Service Management, Sales Management, and more. Plans are to incorporate advanced product structure configuration systems and produce detailed configured Specifications and Submittals across our P-Series, M-Series, MM-Series, ArcticCool water cooled and Packaged Systems with drawing conversion capabilities to enable our customers to quickly produce drawings in Revit, ProE, AutoCAD, Catia, Intergraph and other formats - "on the fly". Much of the technology suite is already completed and other modules will be released throughout 2012.

Arctic Group Announces AHRI Certifications for Water Cooled Chillers

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, October 2011 - AHRI Certifications completed for water cooled products.

The Arctic Chiller Group today announed the completion of AHRI Certifications for water cooled products manufactured at the companies ArcticCool products manufactured in Toronto and ArctiChill water cooled equipment manufactured in Newberry, SC. The announcment follows the installation and upgrades to both precision test stands that took place over the summer. Newberry's new 150 ton test stand and ArcticCool's 600 ton system will be utilized to further the range of AHRI products. Air cooled chillers with AHRI Certification will promptly follow.

Arctic Group Announces Key Appointments - Mark Rogan as VP Sales and Marketing and Jackson Ball as VP of Strategic Development

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC, November 2011 - Mark Rogan, PE, and Jackson Ball join Arctic Group

The Arctic Chiller Group, a world leader in chillers and systems for Commercial and Process applications and one of the first adopters of the Danfoss Turbocor compressor technology has announced the appointment of two key leaders to the company.  Mark Rogan joins the group as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Partner.  Mark has extensive industry experience most recently working with McQuay International as  Senior Product Manager for their Chiller Division and then with the Smardt Chiller Group as General Manager for their  Montreal based Business Unit. Mark is a well respected and well known professional around the Turbocor world and chiller technologies. Mark brings tremendous experience and expertise that has already proven valuable to our growing market

Jackson Ball, once a part of the ArctiChill and FreezeCo companies re-joins the Arctic Chiller Group after working for Smardt Chiller Group in Quebec. Jackson joins the company as Vice President of Strategic Development and partner. Jackson's focus is on strategic alliances with OEMs and strategically important accounts, geographic, product and market channel expansion, advanced technologies, M&A and documentation. Jackson brings outstanding experience in chilled water system technologies and has productive relationships across North America with manufacturers representatives, large Service and energy contractors and key OEM and multi-facility users of HVAC equipment. Jackson’s role in strategic development is a strong complement to Mark Rogan’s role in Sales & Marketing management for the Group.

The Arctic Chiller Group Formed to Consolidate Resources and Position for Expansion

TORONTO, Ontario, NEWBERRY, SC - October 2011 - The Arctic Chiller Group Forms to Combine Manufacturing and Market Development

After record growth in 2009 and 2010 across the Group, Angelo Troiano, CEO of ArctiChill and MDF Group announced today the formation of The Arctic Chiller Group that encompasses the chiller manufacturing divisions ArctiChill, and ArctiCool. The Group is positioned to take the lead as the premier manufacturer of a diversity of chillers, systems and integrated packaged equipment. The newest division, ArcticCool manufacurers AHRI Certified water cooled and air cooled chillers using the Danfoss Turbocor compressor technology. The Group has bold plans for market extension and expansion through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and joint initiatives.

“The Arctic Chiller Group is well positioned to take the leadership position in our product focuses of Modular, Ultra-Efficient, Commercial and Process chillers and complete systems.” Troiano said.

ArcticCool is an Ontario Based Manufacturer of High-Efficiency Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing chillers, Modular Chillers and specialty industrial chillers and systems for HVAC and Process markets. They manufacture water cooled chillers from 75 -1400 tons and air cooled chillers from 60 – 400 ton. Murray is confident his years of experience and market knowledge combined with the quality of the Arctic Chiller Groups product line will make a winning combination in the Canadian HVAC Industry


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